Be Your Own Hero


Be Your Own Hero

– Be Your Own Hero –

A year from now you will wish You started today!

– Be Your Own Hero –

A year from now you will wish You started today!

Get Fit

The workouts combines cardio and strength and will hep you become strong, fit and tone up. The programs includes exercises at different levels. (Beginner – advanced). 


Athlete Programming with Strength and Conditioning for Crossfitters. Some experience needed to follow this program. Level: Intermediate – Advanced

For Her

The workouts are safe for a beginner or a postpartum mother and will hep HER to become strong, fit and tone up. A great mix of strength and cardio with focus on core strength. 

Danijela Hodges 


I’m a fitness professional, athlete, personal trainer and coach with extensive experience in weight loss, bodybuilding, Crossfit and female fitness (pregnant/postpartum training). 

I have worked as a trainer in some of Australia’s and Sweden’s most respected gyms and I have run my own boxing gym in Sydney. I’m a mother of two and also a competing Crossfit athlete (15th in Australasia Open -18).
 2015 I won the Swedish championship in Athletic fitness and 2017 & 18 I competed in Australian Ninja Warrior. 

I know what it takes to juggle work, kids and a hard training regime at the same time! But hard work always pays off! 


If you like to eat clean

Flexible Diet

Eat whatever you want according to your macros 

Weight loss

Traditional Weight loss meal plan 

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  • " The best coaching, training and diet plan based on your goals. I’m proud to call you Danijela MY COACH!

    Priscila Coura

  • "Thanks to Danijela and her exercise program, I have become both stronger and faster. Just what I wanted!"


  • "I've become a lot stronger and succeeded compleating workouts that I never thought I would cope"


  • "The very best thing about the programs is the great variety! It really challenged me in a good way"


  • "My excess fat has disappeared and my stomach feels much harder and I'm starting to get visible leg muscles "


  • "I've got some nice comments about how my hole body has changed. Thank you Danijela you are an awesome trainer"

    Krista Rogers

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