Free Test Week

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Welcome to FREE TEST WEEK. Here you will get a taste of how a training week can look. In this training program you will get 4 workouts from the GET FIT programs and 1 bonus workout.
If you choose to continue training with  you can choose between the following programs after the test week:

PERSONAL PROGRAM – 100% tailor made, personalized programs based on your specific goals and prerequisites. You receive weekly programs tailored for you. I’m here coaching you and taking part of your progress. You also get help with your diet and therefore reach results even faster!
GET FIT programming includes functional workouts (strength & conditioning) that will challenge you at the level you are at right now. You get different levels and plenty workouts to choose from. Perfect for anyone who likes it short and sharp. You will save time but the results are guaranteed!
FIT MOM contain training programs that are suitable for the beginner or for you as a newborn mom who wants to get started with the post-pregnancy training. A great start for any women!
ATHLETE programming contains some tougher functional training programs that suit you who want to increase your fitness levels. This program is perfect for you who want to train from your Crossfit box or a home gym . These programs require some experience.