Personal Training

Juliette NooneJuliette Noone
21:48 02 Nov 21
Dani is a fantastic coach, she is patient, energetic and always pushes you to do more. I first started training with Dani over a year ago when I had no CrossFit experience. She has thought me so much about the gym from technique, gymnastics, performance, nutrition and even confidence. Every class is so different and your constantly learning new skills. Couldn’t recommend Dani more, she’s brilliant!
Juanita ThompsonJuanita Thompson
23:55 14 Sep 21
Hands down the best personal trainer I have ever come across. Dani is professional, affordable, skilled and very knowledgeable. She will 100% help you improve in all your fitness goals and you will see results if you let her guide you. I have never ever been let down by her or left our sessions feeling down or unimpressed. If you want results I would always recommend Dani! Thank you Dani for always helping me with my fitness and always pushing me to my limits! You have helped me create a healthy lifestyle and fitness level I will always be proud of.
Sarah McManamonSarah McManamon
06:33 09 Sep 21
I started personal training last year with Danjelia after lockdown and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The commitment, energy and planning she puts into her workouts is second to none. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner like I was or a pro she tailors every workout to suit each individual. I had never done any sort of weight training before and I was nervous I could injury myself but Danjelia is all about form over lifting heavy so you learn how to do every move correctly and then you start building weight. Her passion for training is infectious so I would definitely recommend joining.
Christine McCoughtryChristine McCoughtry
01:33 09 Sep 21
Danijela is an awesome trainer, I really look forward to our sessions together and saw improvements in my technique straight away! Great chats, great sweat session and great vibes! Can't recommend her enough! 🙂 Definitely walks the talk & is very inspiring
Ben KidneyBen Kidney
02:25 08 Jan 21
Danjelia is an excellent trainer for all age groups and level of athlete, from beginner right through to competition. Her coaching / teaching style is hands-on and motivational which I find very helpful in pushing hard while preventing injury or bad technique.Excellent communicator and fun to train with. Loving my training with Dani!


Unlock your full potential with personalised exercise routines and expert coaching. Get stronger, fitter and faster! Discover the perfect path to a healthy lifestyle and take charge of your well-being! Coach Dani will deliver the best resources that will transform your body and mind. All you need to do is to show up!

Get started at The Timber Yard Fitness, an Outdoor, undercover, fully equipped space in nature for an epic experience. 

*All personal training and small group classes is by appointment.

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For just $150 per session, your group of up to 8 individuals can experience the transformative power of our tailored workouts. We’ll work closely with you to schedule a convenient time and day that perfectly suits your staff’s busy schedule. Need alternative options or special arrangements? Simply reach out to us, and we’ll make it happen!

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Coach Danijela Hodges

Coach Dani

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years. I have extensive experience in Functional Fitness/CrossFit, weight loss, bodybuilding and female fitness.

I have worked as a Personal trainer in some of Australias and Sweden’s most respected gyms and I have run my own boxing/bootcamp gym in Sydney. I’m a competing CrossFit athlete and I used to compete in Bodybuilding as well. 2022 I won the Down Under Championship (masters div.) 2021 I won Torian Pro (Masters div.)
 2015 I won the Swedish championship in Athletic fitness and 2017 & 18 I competed in Australian Ninja Warrior. 2022 & 2019 I won the Masters league in CrossFit. 

I know what it takes to juggle work, kids, recovery and a training regime at the same time! But hard work always pays off and the reward is a strong, healthy body that will last you a lifetime! 

Coach Dani

Coach Danijela Hodges

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I have extensive experience in Functional Fitness/CrossFit, weight loss, bodybuilding and female fitness.


PERSONAL TRAINING & ONLINE COACHING Book in for a Personal training session or train anywhere! with my online programs!

Minimal equipment needed

You don’t have to have any equipment to join my online programs, but recommended is a kettlebell or a dumbbell. 

All exercises are scalable 

You can scale all exercises based on your fitness level. We make sure to challenge you safely 

Everyone is welcome to join!

Beginners or fit athletes – Everyone are welcome! You can go hard or scale it back to your own fitness level.